So I Went Surfing


My friend and I attempting to surf. That's myself on the right.

I've always wanted to be a surfer for as long as I can remember :L As a child me and my friend would pretend we were surfers and that we lived in Australia with our famous surfer parents haha. Then as teenagers we'd fan over famous surfers and skateboarders (Ryan Sheckler to name one). I've been told numerous times that I look real beachy/boheminan/surfer, when I've never even surfed before or live nowhere nere the beach or places of such style influence! I have also been informed by a few different people that I look really like Ivy in 90210. I've never seen the show but looked her up as one would do, and what a compliment that is! Would be great if I also shared the same height as her, just saying! Just shows that when you have a passion for something you display hints of this passion without even trying. Kind of works like the law of attraction!

But anyway, the other day I finally went surfing! Something I'd longed to do for years but never actually got around to it, well that's half a lie. When I was in Australia a few years ago, I did try on a friend's board.. ON BONDI BEACH! But it didn't go so well. Like a lot of beaches there's the swimming part of the beach and surfing part. And generally the surfing parts can be shallow one minute and deep the next. Which I discovered in a panic and then swam back in. Mind you I was probably only 13 and was only going to be on the beach for a few hours so decided to enjoy myself without getting the living s*** kicked out of me with fear.

Back to that glorious day, when I rode a few waves in the Atlantic.

Yea its super shallow.. I know :P

As I've blogged about over and over the last week or so, the weather was scorching. It was actually the hottest day that week with temperatures of over 28 degrees Celsius. I know I know its probably the normal summer temperature for most of you out there. But not in Ireland! Four of us went surfing down in Inchydoney, a beautiful big white sanded beach in west Cork. We got a half an hour lesson and an hour and a half free time surfing. I really didn't have high expectations for my self as my friend had went surfing before and found it very hard to stand up on the board.

But little did I expect having never surfed before, that I'd be the first to stand up and catch a wave! It was so much fun! Had a nice sunbath on the beach after and a lovely meal in the adjacent hotel. I'm on the look now for a surfboard, I defiantly want to take it up as a hobby!

Inchydoney Beach, West Cork

Well thats all for today, hope you enjoyed my little story!

Have a super day!

Sinead :)

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