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A Little Pretty Parcel | The Travelling Notebook

A few days ago I received a small little parcel in the letterbox. Do you ever get those moments where you fully believe you have psychic powers haha, because something you had a feeling would happen happened? Well I had a notion the M2AB Travelling Notebook would arrive that day, and boy was I right! Now I'm more a believer of the 'Law of Attraction' than 'psychic powers'. I think if you put a notion out there to the world, the world mirrors your thought, and just like that your thought becomes reality!

You can read about the law of attraction all over the internet or in books. The Secret is one example of a book that discusses the power of the law of attraction. Its not witchy magic stuff, its just a law, you know like the law of physics!

Anyway, that's just brain vomit! The purpose of this post is to talk about Mum to A and B's travelling notebook, to which I recently received. Yaaay so excited :) Its my first time talking part in a crafty little post circle of sorts. I discovered the concept of a travelling notebook on Lauren's lovely blog OhHay and messaged her to find out more. I was super intrigued so when it came for the travelling notebook to be passed on to someone new, I had to take part.

I received the notebook off Hannah at Dainty and Ivory, quite the person to follow after since she is very talented and creative!:) I discovered once I read through the book that every single person who received the notebook were also super crafty and creative, each page of the book has so much individuality and pizazz! I'm going to do my entry today.

Its such a lovely idea, being able to write and create a little entry about yourself whilst also being able to read about others and get a taster for their skills/hobbies etc.

For those of you interested in receiving it next let me know in the comments or write to me via twitter (the link is on the top right of my blog).

This is a UK travelling notebook by the way :)

Until next time,

A crafty Sinéad ;)

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