InterRail pass purchased | The countdown begins!


Woo I'm so excited!!

After months of planning, I've finally taken the second plunge towards my InterRailling adventure, I've purchased my pass yeeewhoo. I had my flights book almost 3 month now, and it was only time I got my feet in the water (being two weeks away and all!!). My route is probably quite different to a lot of other interrailers, mainly because we are drawn to the sun like magnets are to the door of a fridge, so Croatia and Italy are very important stops on our agenda. We are going for a little over two weeks, although we had originally planned on going for a month, but that was unrealistic for two broke students!! We are using the 10 days within 22 days pass, which will give us a lot more freedom than the cheaper option (5 days within 10 days). With the 5 days within 10 days we would have been whizzing through the cities! 

How it works, if your confused (like myself in the beginning), is as so:

 I have 10 calender days which I can travel, in each chosen day I can take as many train rides as I like. These 10 days must be within the chosen 22 day period you are travelling. 

If this confused you even more, I'm so sorry haha. But give the website a visit, it is explained a lot clearer there.

Un día...

As of now, this is our route in chronological order :) 


Milan because of our flight home.
If anyone has been to any of these places I'd love to hear you opinions on them! And is anyone going interrailing through Europe mid July like myself? 

Anyway I best sign off, have a lot to do before the day ends, what's new! :P

Until next time,

A super excited Sinéad 

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