Giftcard Giveaway | Canadian & USA Readers | 25$ for HOTTT.COM


I entered a giveaway recently on a blog I adore, and guess what? I won! What are the chances? But as I went to use my giftcard I realised that they only delivered to Canada and the United States, and being from Ireland, this wasn't going to work out. I was so bumbed as I had fallen in love with a few really pretty bracelets! But instead of letting this 25$ giftcard go to waste, I said I'd give my Canadian and USA readers the chance to win a -

25$ giftcard for HOTTT.COM

If you haven't already heard of this site, take a trip on over there now :)

They sell a range of cool accessories from jewellery to home décor, stationary to bike accessories!

Personally I love their bracelets and necklaces!

Unfortunately this competition is only valid for Canadian and USA readers, so keep in mind you won't be able to use this giftcard if you are from anywhere else :( But not to worry I will hold another giveaway over the next few months for all readers :)

So to enter this competition all you have to do is -

"If you were to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?"
with your name (the one used in your comment bellow) &
bloglovin name

I will be selecting the winner (as long as all steps above are completed) based on most fascinating answer to my question :D

GIVEAWAY DEADLINE IS - 05/09/14 at 5PM (You've got a week to enter)

Ahh I'm so excited to hear which locations ye'd choose if ye were to travel anywhere in the world! :O

Unsure of how to do step 1 & 2 of the competition, well here's how :)

How to follow on Blogger -
On the right side of my blog, bellow my blog archive, there is the members tab. Click join this site and follow the steps required.
On your blogger home, scroll down to your reading list towards bottom of the page. Click the add button, and enter my URL ( Then click follow.

How to follow on Bloglovin' -
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Let the competition begin :D

Until next time,


DISCLAIMER - I have nothing to do with HOTTT.COM, I am giving away my own 25$ giftcard

You Know Your Irish When.. You Use These Phrases on a Daily Basis!

Irish Sayings, Slang & Phrases


Your travelling to Ireland this year, or maybe your just back from visiting and your trying to figure out what that crazy old farmer with the woollen cap shouted at you as you walked through his field (probably trying to find that neolithic monument a local told you about on the hush hush)! If your visiting the emerald isle I highly recommend that you make your self known to a few of these sayings and phrases. Because if you fail to do so, you may just have a very hard time trying to understand us.


Your like myself, just your average Irish gal (/guy maybe in your case), who tends to speak in such rhythmic jargon from time to time, that leaves many foreigners clueless as to what you just said. But to us its just everyday language. I myself really enjoy reading articles on Irish sayings, my most adored being - The Book of Irish Mammies by Colm O'Regan and Stuff Irish People Love (this isn't particularly about Irish sayings but you'll love it, if your Irish that is). Mind you I never read the books hahaa, but I did read extracts and watched Clisare's video on Stuff Irish People love, and I was laughing all the way to the end. You can watch it here. Infact just skip on over to her channel altogether because she's great for the craic! You can do that after you read my post ;)

As the title of this post so clearly boasts, you know your Irish when... you use these phrases on a daily basis. So for those of you with an Irish passport, I think its time you put your identity to the test. Are you really Irish? Well if you use these phrases bellow on a daily basis, you most defiantly are 100% Pure Irish baaaai. (Baaai - Cork slang - meaning 'boy' - pronounced biiii-yuh - used commonly among us rebellious southerners)


So without further a-do.... here are some popular Irish phrases!

Self-Confidence | #ShineStrong TAG | Controversial Chit Chat

Self-Confidence in my opinion, is the vital cog that allows the machine of self-happiness to turn. It's the vital element that allows you and me, to enjoy our own presences. Yes, great friends and family, great memories and experiences among other positive encounters increase our levels of happiness and therefore self-confidence. Because each state depends on each other, without self-confidence one isn't happy, and without happiness one is generally not self-confident. But. There is a fine line between confidence and self-confidence. Let me explain.


About three weeks ago I was sunning it up in the beautiful town of Rovinj, Croatia. If you havn't heard already about this countries exquisiteness, well its about time you hit that google search bar with the letters C-R-O-A-T-I-A. Whilst I only managed to squeeze in five days in the north-west of the country, only a smidgen of the amount of beauty Croatia has to offer, I was in love. I stayed in Rovinj for the majority of the trip, a gorgeous old town with narrow alleyways and stone pavements jutting right out into the Adriatic Sea. Can you visualise it? Well here's a few pictures to prove it.

It was here, that I saw some Dolphins, for the first time in over 3 years! I was super excited when I spotted

Auto-tuned "Apparently Kid", PVC Pipe Drummer & Where is Tish Simmonds now? | This Weeks Internet Finds

Hello internet friends,

This week I've got something a little different for you, but I think you'll enjoy it, because who doesn't love a good laugh, mind blowing footage or a bit of scandal? Nobody!

If you've been on the internet at any stage this week, it would be odd or highly unlikely that you haven't already come across Tish Simmonds' viral videos or vines, "I'm in me mom's car, vroom vroom" and "I'm in the bath, swim swim". While her original vines are funny, I laughed, I have seen over 10 spoofs and remixes that are even more enjoyable, I cried. So bellow is one of my favourite remixes of "Im in me mom's car, vroom vroom", which I found on the LADbible facebook page. So without further a do bellow is the link, enjoy.

I'm Back | Amsterdam Shenanigans On Our Interrailing Adventure

Hello dusty keyboard & those of you reading ;),

I'm Back, sadly, from my interrailing adventure. What an amazing time we had, honestly feels like I've been gone a year. But I haven't, just over two weeks, sixteen days to be precise!

I was so driven to post here at every chance I could, but when your travelling from county to country every 2 to 3 days, life passes you by! So I'm really sorry I didn't post, but hey I can rant on all about my trip and give you all the tips and advice one would need starting right now :)

I did manage to write one blog post while away, but hadn't published it, so bellow is my post on Amsterdam - the first pitstop on my journey. I hope you enjoy!

Sitting in Amsterdam Central station, waiting patiently for our train to Munich. We got booted out of our hostel this morning at 10, so instead of trecking around the city with big heavy harversacks on our backs, we decided to go straight to the station. The trams here are so punctual and frequent, so we really didn't expect to be at the train station as early as we were. We've got two hours to kill!

So here I am, sitting in a little coffee shop right on the platform. Bumming wifi and electricity. I guess this is the interrailing life, and we are only two days in haha!

Amsterdam was amazing! On our first night we went on a pub crawl, I'd recommend to do one of those down to the ground (especially if your only there for 2 days like us) because they are awesome for meeting loads of new people and getting a real big taster of Amsterdam night life. We paid 20€ and got a tshirt and endless supplies of alchol whilst also running from pub to pub. We lost the group at one stage with a little Australian girl we befriended, but the bouncers on other clubs were very helpful and we were fast finding the group again in our drunken state!!

We made so many friends that night, including some that we are going to meet again in Italy! We visited the red light district that night also with a group of Californians for the laugh! When in Amsterdam right! We visited the Anne Frank Huis yesterday, which was super emotional and chilling, but totally worth the hour que! 

I can't wait for Munich now! I think the train is here, so I best sign off! Wouldn't be good to miss the first train would it?

Under the IAmsterdam 'M'

Chilling in a clog, with ugly scaffolding surrounding it

Until next time,


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