So I Went Surfing


My friend and I attempting to surf. That's myself on the right.

I've always wanted to be a surfer for as long as I can remember :L As a child me and my friend would pretend we were surfers and that we lived in Australia with our famous surfer parents haha. Then as teenagers we'd fan over famous surfers and skateboarders (Ryan Sheckler to name one). I've been told numerous times that I look real beachy/boheminan/surfer, when I've never even surfed before or live nowhere nere the beach or places of such style influence! I have also been informed by a few different people that I look really like Ivy in 90210. I've never seen the show but looked her up as one would do, and what a compliment that is! Would be great if I also shared the same height as her, just saying! Just shows that when you have a passion for something you display hints of this passion without even trying. Kind of works like the law of attraction!

But anyway, the other day I finally went surfing! Something I'd longed to do for years but never actually got around to it, well that's half a lie. When I was in Australia a few years ago, I did try on a friend's board.. ON BONDI BEACH! But it didn't go so well. Like a lot of beaches there's the swimming part of the beach and surfing part. And generally the surfing parts can be shallow one minute and deep the next. Which I discovered in a panic and then swam back in. Mind you I was probably only 13 and was only going to be on the beach for a few hours so decided to enjoy myself without getting the living s*** kicked out of me with fear.

Back to that glorious day, when I rode a few waves in the Atlantic.

InterRail pass purchased | The countdown begins!


Woo I'm so excited!!

After months of planning, I've finally taken the second plunge towards my InterRailling adventure, I've purchased my pass yeeewhoo. I had my flights book almost 3 month now, and it was only time I got my feet in the water (being two weeks away and all!!). My route is probably quite different to a lot of other interrailers, mainly because we are drawn to the sun like magnets are to the door of a fridge, so Croatia and Italy are very important stops on our agenda. We are going for a little over two weeks, although we had originally planned on going for a month, but that was unrealistic for two broke students!! We are using the 10 days within 22 days pass, which will give us a lot more freedom than the cheaper option (5 days within 10 days). With the 5 days within 10 days we would have been whizzing through the cities! 

Yummy Crème Pâtissière Raspberry Tartlets

With no goodies in the house, and craving something fresh and sweet, Raspberry Crème Pâtissière Tartlets were a definite bake! If I haven't already expressed my love for baked goods, well I will now. I love pastries, desserts and all that yummy stuff!! So as you can imagine, I was totally excited to bake up a batch of these bad boys. Having never baked a Crème Pâtissière Tart, it was a new and fun experiment. So if your interested in how I made these little delights keep reading! 

They tasted beautiful by the way!

(I was so bummed with my final photo of the tartlets, all along I was using my Canon T3i to take pictures, and was so excited to get some use out of the camera for baking purposes. But sure didn't my mom take it on her walk so when the tarts were finished the camera was gone! And to add to that, most of the tartlets were eaten by the time she got home haha! So no new photos could be taken, but you can enjoy the impeccable quality of the process photos bellow :P)

J'adore | Summer Edition

Loving too many things this month but here's just a few items I long for!! 

Being super nice outside and all, I'm totally inspired by colourful items even though I'm generally drawn to black haha! Anyone else out there the same? I love bohemian fashion and also adore grunge (music and all, Kurt - you're my man). I suppose my love for grunge is probably partially the reason why I'm drawn to darker colours! 

So here we go, a quick run through of my summer wishlist!

Strawberrys & Cream

If you live in Ireland (or the UK) like myself, your probably as delighted as I am with the weather! It's not that usual for us to have a 'real summer', and by 'real summer' I mean - average day to day temperatures ranging from 20 degrees Celsius upwards! Actually what I mean by a 'real summer' probably stems from what I absorbed from the media and TV of what I perceived American weather to be like! Or even my experiences of weather abroad in countries such as Spain and Greece during the summer! But that's just unrealistic! I'm from the land of the pale and pasty!

But anywho I just wanted to share a few photos with ye of my awesome lunch, or dessert even! Who doesn't love strawberries? Especially during this time of the year when they are at their best!!! 

Little tip, if your travelling in Ireland this Summer and happen to be driving through Wexford, make sure you stop at the little strawberry stalls on the sides of the road and pick up a pundit or two. You won't regret it! Wexford strawberries are world renowned! Well haha maybe Ireland renowned.. 

The Ultimate World Travel TAG

After searching far a wide online for a tag that strictly stuck to the topics of  'travel' and 'the world', and a tag that didn't veer off asking questions about beauty guru's and make-up you'd wear to the beach (like really?). I've finally compiled questions from a mixture of popular travel based tags to make the tag we've all been waiting for... 

drum roll......


So here it is, in all its glory haha!

(Full list of unanswered questions at bottom of post for you to copy & paste)

1. Your most treasured passport stamp?

When I first read that question I had my answer made. I'm going to have to go for the stamp I got when I travelled to Calcutta, India. Mainly because it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and because its a pretty rare stamp for a 19 year old to have :)

I Wonder What Country These Pretty Images Are Promoting?

A Greek Island? Costa del Sol? Sure tis' only Ireland of course!

With the heatwave upon us here are some sunny snaps of places in Ireland that could easily pass for some foreign country.

1. Cloughglass Beach, Dungloe, County Donegal

Ireland doesn't just have great grassy scenery, she has some pretty beaches or rocky coves with clear water and white sand like Cloughglass Beach above! Little hideaways you'd only imagine stumbling across abroad.

2.  Glendalough, County Wicklow

Looks almost Canadian, aye?

The cliffs of Horn Head, Co Donegal, Ireland. Stock Photo

3.  The cliffs of Horn Head, County Donegal

For a scary looking coastline, the water looks terribly inviting. Could easily pass for cliffs in a Mediterranean setting!

4.  Skellig Michael, County Kerry

A mystical island somewhere in Indonesia? Ah no, you don't need to travel that far to find a unusually pretty island like this one!


5.  O' Carroll's Cove, County Kerry

With white sand, clear blue waters and rocky features this is probably my favourite beach in Ireland. Its hard to show off the real beauty of the place through these photos but believe me, it's a little piece of paradise! Its small and on the ring of Kerry so its not as busy as bigger beaches. I remember coming here one extremely hot summers day a few years back, and to make my experience of the beautiful cove even better, we were fascinated by a group of Dolphins that were gracefully swimming close to shore. There was a group paddling beside them in there kayaks and people swimming out to see them. They stayed at the cove for a few hours! You can watch the sun go down in the pretty restaurant/bar! Which we did, eating a huge pizza with a picture of beer for only 20 euro! During the year the gorgeous place was savaged by the storms and floods, but the community came together to restore the place back to its natural bliss. If your on the Ring of Kerry, its a must to visit this beautiful cove, especially on a sweltering summers day.

6.  The Heather Hills, Gortin, County Tyrone

Beautiful heather fields in Tyrone, Northern Ireland. I think this picture looks like it could have been taken in America.

7.  Crohy Head Sea Arch, Crohy Head, County Donegal

This image looks like it could be anywhere else but Ireland! Sea arches are great things to photograph, this one in Donegal appears incredible photogenic, even if it is only a rock.

8.  Ballycurrin Lighthouse, Lough Corrib, County Galway

An unusual lighthouse on the shores of Lough Corrib. One of Ireland's many beautiful lakes and also Ireland's largest lake at that! There are many islands on Lough Corrib many of which are privately owned. A family friend used to own one which I stayed on a couple of times. Such a pretty lake with great wildlife!

Beauty is in our back garden, sometimes you don't have to wander too far away to find it. 

If you enjoyed this post, please let me know :)

None of these images are mine, all rights reserved to owners :)

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