God I Love StumbleUpon!

If you haven't already heard of this awesome site, just stop reading this right here and skip on over to the site right now!

Not now, back there, up a few lines.. yup right there go!

Stumble Upon, a website to which you will spend hours on, but not wasted hours no no no. Stumble Upon is different, it's not your average website where ones mind gets melted and converted to dead brain cell mush. Nope, on Stumble Upon you actually can learn things, once you leave the page you are pleasantly left more knowledgeable/peaceful/happier ;) haha. 

Set up a free account, select your interests out of a list of hundreds (I might be a bit optimistic there) and vwala hit that stumble button at the very top of your screen and let the fun begin.

Its hard to explain what your experience of the site may be, due to the fact you basically form your stumbleupon journey yourself and its completely individual to anyone else based on your selected interests (which you can add to as you explore the site). StumbleUpon is like a hat that contains millions of little scraps of paper (each with something different on them), the hat is shaken you take a blindfolded dip into the hat and grab a little piece of paper. Except this hat is the internet and the scraps of paper are websites, but websites that are recommended to you based on your individual interests. 

Its an awesome site that'll have you return again and again :)

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