J'adore | Summer Edition

Loving too many things this month but here's just a few items I long for!! 

Being super nice outside and all, I'm totally inspired by colourful items even though I'm generally drawn to black haha! Anyone else out there the same? I love bohemian fashion and also adore grunge (music and all, Kurt - you're my man). I suppose my love for grunge is probably partially the reason why I'm drawn to darker colours! 

So here we go, a quick run through of my summer wishlist!

1. Ganesha T-Shirt

I want one of these t-shirts BADLY! How cool are they? I love all Indian/Hindu inspired designs. A Ganesh is a Hindu worshipped elephant headed god (deity) that represents the power of the Supreme Being that removes obstacles and ensures success in human endeavours. Not only does it have really cool symbolism but its such a fascinating image. The image on the left is from Nicola Boraston's blog deciphering-dreams.blogspot.ie/. Check out her lookbooks!

2. Colourful bracelets

Need a new stock of bracelets for the summer! Love the colours in these ones.

3. Cat-eye hinted Sunglasses

I really like these sunglasses, there's that small hint of the cat eyed shape to them which I think is super flattering on most people!

4. Hamsa Hand Tattoo

I NEED this in my life, or in fact, on my body!! I've wanted this tattoo for years now! I need to pluck up the balls to get it. Another design with religious reference by the way haha. I adore the meaning behind this symbol. Its an image of the open right hand, recognized and used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history, the hamsa is believed to provide defence against the evil eye. Again an awesome meaning and super pretty design. The inside of the hamsa hand can vary in design, which makes it even more fascinating.

This Hamsa Hand is so detailed but gorgeous, for a tattoo though I reckon it would be too fusy

5. Headscarf

I'm even wearing one now, but I would love some more! So handy for holding the hair back on a lazy day and looking that bit sylish at the same time. Or even for the beach they are fab.

6. Bohemian over the shoulder bag

Oh man these bags are to die for, well in my opinion anyway! Perfect for the beach, but if  I had one I know I'd be wearing it for day to day purposes. I love all the little details in them and the little jewels in the one above. This bag is actually designer believe it or not and costs between 600€-2000€... whaaat!! Its called the '3 Tier Original Bag' and is by the designer Simone Camille. But you'd be able to find beautiful cheap dupes in markets or even similar styled bags for example in Penny's (Primark) etc. Well fingers crossed anyway because I know for sure I'm not going to be spending 600€ odd for a bag, no way no how!!

7. High waisted bikini bottoms

How cute are these bikini bottoms! They look so pretty and fun, as much as I'd love a pair, I really don't know if I could pull it off!?!

So that was just a few items on my wishlist, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you liked any of these items I'd love to hear your options on them :)

Until next time,



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