The Girl Who Faked a 42 Day Backpacking Adventure Across Asia

Zilla Van Den Born convinced her friends and family into thinking she was travelling Asia, from her bedroom!

Before Photoshop

These days with social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. at the forefront of our daily lives, its almost too easy for us to believe everything we read or see online. Of course on your online profile you are going hide the things you don't want people to know about you, and emphasis things to make yourself seem more interesting. But nobody really discuss the elephant in the room, bar Zilla when she staged a 42 day adventure across Asia, from her sofa.

For a final year university project, Zilla decided to focus on this topic:

Surfing on the West Coast | Lahinch, Co. Clare

It's not unknown that I am a big fan of the surfing culture. I'm only a newbie I'll have you know, and if you've read my previous post on the topic, you'll know where I stand in the matter. So I Went Surfing   

But two weeks ago one of my best mates and I took an ole' roadtrip up the west of the country, to county Clare. Whilst I'd been there before, I only managed to see a small portion of the eastern part of the county, the countryside. This time our sole focus was the coast, and with surfing a main priority of the adventure, Doolin was the ideal place for the craic, the site-seeing & the coast. Doolin is known for its traditional Irish music scene and in more recent years, Dusty the dolphin. We didn't manage to meet Dusty, but we did get a nice taster of the pub-life.

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