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Jake Bugg

Do you ever listen to a song, an feel completely captivated by the lyrics and melody? Or by the artist vocals? So inspired by the music that you get that fuzzy feeling inside. Or perhaps you get that feeling because the music hit a nerve within you? Well that's how I feel right now, and maybe I'm the only one who gets this 'fuzzy feeling' (but I highly doubt it)! For me, it think it happens especially when listening to something live, be it on a stage, live on tv or a live audio recording from a gig. Over the past week I've been listening to a lot of music, which is awesome as usual (I mean who doesn't love music?). This music coma was furthered by the Glastonbury Festival, which the BBC so fabulously live streamed for those of us less fortunate to make it this year. So when I wasn't browsing Spotify or Youtube for tunes, I was sitting on my couch singing along (where possible) to live Glastonbury gigs. This year I jammed along to the likes of Kaiser Chiefs, Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg, MGMT, Kellis, Kodaline, The Kooks and much more! My new addiction being Jake Bugg. I had heard of him and knew one or two songs, but really only discovered him for real at the weekend when he braced the 'Other Stage' in Glastonbury.

As soon as he began to sing I was hooked, his voice is sooo original and beautiful. A voice expected to emerge from a much older man, least expected to be the voice of a 20 year old Nottingham bloke. His songs are bluesy in style with melodic hints of his influences (The Beatles and Johnny Cash to name two). But his music is also quite like indie folk/indie rock which I love aswell. He has this 'I couldn't give a fuck!' appearance (not saying he's shabby looking, that's not at all the case), which infact makes me more fascinated with his music and voice! I get that 'feeling' listening to his music. Its so comforting for some reason? But I suppose its not odd that it is, it would be more odd if screamo music made me comfortable. But then again that's somebody's thing, somebody's comfort. I really like his look, find him quite attractive for some reason haha.

His tunes I'm loving at the moment include:

Someone Told Me
Two Fingers
Pine Trees

He's so young, so talented and already really successful! I think its awesome that he's the same age as me. Its not that common to see someone so successful as a solo artist at this age. Serious respect!


I've always been a big fan of MGMT, but after watching their live set at Glastonbury I love them even more. I'd never really delved deep into their less popular songs, but after watching their performance I was spurred to go deeper. I am obsessed with their sound and Andrew VanWyngarden is pure mint (Irish slang for beautiful) haha! I was shocked when I found out he was 31, he looks like he could still be 19! MGMT are so original too, there are not many Psychedelic Rock groups (or duos in MGMT's case) that have made it as big as they did. They actually played in my small city a few months ago and I was so bumbed when I found out I couldn't go because it was a prize-won-ticketed gig! I bet MGMT were like wtf, because it was probably such an odd mix of a crowd compared to their usual peeps!

MGMT Andrew & Ben

Another artist I am really loving at the moment is Sia. But particularly her song Chandelier. Its so beautifully pieced together and her voice is just.. wow. If you haven't yet listened too it I'd recommend you do. Like all of her songs, it has such a great message. This time more about the lifestyle of young people (more about girls, from what I gathered from the lyrics) drinking excessively (or going to hard/partying) into unhappiness. I read a great blog post about this song and Sia on Essena O'Neill's blog and thought it was such a well written response! 

Clip from Sia's Chandelier music video

There are plenty more tunes that have inspired me this week, but the above being most inspiring. What's great is that BBC have a lot of the big performances from Glastonbury on their site. You can watch the full set for different bands, artists etc. I know I will be doing more of this over the week as I begin my packing for my Interrailing adventure. By then I will have compiled an awesome travelling playlist haha!

I'm lying here in bed, falling asleep, so it's probably time I sign off,

Until next time,
Sleep well,


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