Breath-taking photos of people looking their best & their worst!

Woah well hi guys, sure feels like forever since I made a post, when really its only been 8 days. But 8 days!! I mean I was on a roll, was really getting into this blogging thing. But I'm back with another post, for a very short interlude (as I leave Sunday to go Interrailing), this one being slightly odd, and in no relation AT ALL to my ever so fabulous blog title.

With technology these days we all so easily fall into that social rigmarole of selfies! Everyone (well no, everyone fortunate enough) has a phone with a frontward facing camera, or device of some sort that can successfully take pictures. So when your feeling like a particularly pretty human someday, why wouldn't you want to take a snap to remind yourself, or the world of how gorgeous you looked (and are!). Wooo positive self-happiness guru Sinéad here. So there's no denying, that at some stage YOU fell victim to this plight and took a picture of yourself. And you were proud of that picture sister (or brother)!


For every moment of self admiration, there is a moment of boredom. And it is then that we take photos like this:

Oh you know what I'm talking about! Christened with the name 'Uglies', they are the evil, yet humorous, step sister of 'Selfies'. And without a doubt, you have also taken one of these bad boys!

Fun little scientific fact, that explains why sometimes we are unhappy with the way we look in a selfie -

"We are used to identifying with our faces as they would appear in a mirror, but when we take a selfie, the camera captures our faces as strangers would see us from head on rather than we would see ourselves in a reflection." - The Times.

I am so fascinated by this fact! Not the part to do with the camera but the fact that if you were to walk past yourself on the street you wouldn't even recognise your own body and face! Because when you look in the mirror the reflection is a little bit distorted. Have you ever seen anyone else's face in the mirror and they look a bit different!? I have and it always baffled me! Anyway back to business. 

So bellow you will find a collection of images demonstrating both uses of the terms 'Selfie' and 'Uglie'. Pictures of a person looking their best and a picture of them looking their worst. So of course if your human, you'll enjoy these!

My absolute favourite hahah

Beyonce looking fiiine on the right

Cara Delevingne

Drew Barrymore

If you enjoyed these and want to see more, go give this facebook page for More FM a check, people are sending in more and more of their 'Selfies' and 'Uglies'! I myself have taken numerous 'uglies' so I guess it's only fair that I share my split pic. Today is your lucky day, internet brace yourself.

Fyi, I went out of my way to make that picture on the right extra sexy, found dodgy glasses and buttoned the shirt up to the top. So I guess you could say things [were] getting pretty serious. Anyone, anyone recognise that quote?

Well that's all for today! My next few posts will probably be quite short as I'll be travelling through Europe for the next 2 weeks, but I swear I am going to be a good little blogger and keep The Travel Bible up to date :D I mean, that is what my blog is about, so I have no excuse!

Until I find good wifi,




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