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Self-Confidence in my opinion, is the vital cog that allows the machine of self-happiness to turn. It's the vital element that allows you and me, to enjoy our own presences. Yes, great friends and family, great memories and experiences among other positive encounters increase our levels of happiness and therefore self-confidence. Because each state depends on each other, without self-confidence one isn't happy, and without happiness one is generally not self-confident. But. There is a fine line between confidence and self-confidence. Let me explain.

Confidence is ones belief in another's abilities, a feeling or conciousness of ones power. While Self-confidence is the sole belief in yourself and your capability's and power. But thing is, the former, can be faked or an illusion, the person may not be self-confident but appear to have confidence, d'ya get me? :P

You've heard the saying - "Fake it till you make it"

And you know what, if you convince your self enough (for example by saying it to your self over and over) that you are something, you are confident/beautiful etc., you will start to believe it, and it goes from being something you longed for, to something you are.

But when one is stuck in a rutt, with no positivity, dwelling on all the negatives of their personality/a situation etc. this may not work. You must allow your self believe, and you will believe if you're positive about this notion.

My self-confidence is not perfect, whose is? But I can confidently say, after years and years of self discovery (not done yet, 80 + years more of exploration to go, please god haha!), I'm happy in my nappy! But there is alot of room left for more self-confidence, self-happiness and self-improvement mind you!

But this post is to remind those of you, who may be battling with very low self esteem/depression and other personal downs, that I have most defiantly felt like that before and do from time to time like every human being, you are not alone! As the TAG goes #ShineStrong! Try your best to be positive, share how you feel with someone you have confidence in, you won't believe how much of the personal burden you held will be taken off your shoulders!

We as humans, need to let those around us know - If you ever want to talk, I am here :)

Lets get cracking on that tag shall we?


1. Finish this sentence, "Strong is..."
2. What's the bravest thing you've ever done?
3. What do you do to unwind?
4. What's one thing you've always wanted to learn?
5. How does your bff #shinestrong?
6. What natural talent would you want to be gifted with?
7. What is your idea of happiness?
8. What is your motto?
9. What is your ultimate #shinestrong hairstyle?
10. Finish the sentence, "I love good hair days because..."
11. Share your best tip for strong, healthy hair.
12. Finish this sentence, "I #shinestrong when I..."


1. Strong is a state of mind a person achieves after several knocks, coming out the other side with so much more self-knowledge, clear thought and happiness.

2. The biggest thing that springs to mind as 'brave' is travelling to Calcutta, India with a charity at the age of 16 without my family. It's defiantly not something brave in comparison to what others have done or battled bravely, but for me it was quite gutsy, being the age I was, the distance I travelling and the emotional and heartbreaking things I saw while there working with the charity.

3. Generally I light up a joint.. I joke haha. I usually get into comfy clothing, sit down on the sofa with my feet up and throw on a movie/listen to music/browse the internet with a steamy cup of tea in hand. Just chill out really.

4. How to surf. It's always been something I thought was super cool, skilful and I wanted to try. I've done one lesson over the summer and I am now part of the surf society in my college, so I have no excuse this semester to join the society on their surfing ventures. I've a post on this exact topic here :)

5. My bff's shine strong in so many ways. But most importantly in their unique personalities, good nature and as great friends.

6. To be able to work a room, with a more outgoing personality.

7. Waking up without a care in the world, because you are content in your self, with what you do and in your environment. 

8. I try to look at all the positive in life. When anything negative happens I take all the positives out of the situation and focus on them. Everyone is beautiful and equal.

9. Any hairstyle that makes me feel hot and on top of my game  ;) 

10.  I love good hair days because they reinforce my self-confidence and make me feel great

11. By using less colouring products in your hair and giving it a bit of tlc with deep conditioners and treatments!

12. I shine strong when I'm feeling self-confident, happy and positive.

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Wooooah that was a long post! I hope you found my opinions towards self confidence thought-provoking and I would love to hear your view towards the matter :)

Until next time,
From a sleepy Sinéad,



  1. great post, wise words! xx
    Instagram @littleprettymess

    1. Thank you :) I'll be sure to check out your blog, thanks for stopping by!x

  2. i loved reading this! Great questions...will he tempted to do this tag sometime :) its so nice to find another irish blogger and with the same name as me haha :P x

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I agree, its so hard to find us too :) Sinéads unite :L x


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