Auto-tuned "Apparently Kid", PVC Pipe Drummer & Where is Tish Simmonds now? | This Weeks Internet Finds

Hello internet friends,

This week I've got something a little different for you, but I think you'll enjoy it, because who doesn't love a good laugh, mind blowing footage or a bit of scandal? Nobody!

If you've been on the internet at any stage this week, it would be odd or highly unlikely that you haven't already come across Tish Simmonds' viral videos or vines, "I'm in me mom's car, vroom vroom" and "I'm in the bath, swim swim". While her original vines are funny, I laughed, I have seen over 10 spoofs and remixes that are even more enjoyable, I cried. So bellow is one of my favourite remixes of "Im in me mom's car, vroom vroom", which I found on the LADbible facebook page. So without further a do bellow is the link, enjoy.

If you have yet to watch the original (bellow) I would suggest you do so before clicking the link above!

To see all her videos, go onto Vine and search Tish :)

Next is another viral video, of adorable Noah Ritter, a cool little dude dubbed the 'Apparently Kid' for his over use of the word 'apparently' on his live TV interview while attending the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania. And apparently he's never been on live television before..

Last week the original interview went viral, but this week, the world will fall in love again with cutie Ritter in the auto-tuned remix version of his interview, cleverly crafted by The Gregory Brothers

This is not the first video by The Gregory Brothers that I've been obsessed with. If you can remember 'The Bed Intruder - Antoine Dodson' and 'Dead Give Away - Charles Ramsey' viral news interviews, the brothers also converted them into catchy songs! Amongst loads of other viral videos!

And last but not least, is a super cool video of a quirky mind blowing Australian busker playing hits such as Iggy Azaleas' Fancy and The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army on PVC pipes using flip flops (thongs for you Australians). You will be blow away, defiantly the coolest and most initiative busker to date!

So that is all for tonight, they were just too good not to share! I think I will keep up this little feature - This weeks internet finds :) If you'd be interested in guest posting for this 'segment', such sophistication, please give me an email at Would be awesome to keep this going and have a few fellow bloggers making appearances!!

Until next time,

Sweet blogging,



  1. these are so funny! Who doesn't love the 'get out mi car vine' haha!

    1. I know right! Never gets old haha! Thanks for stopping by, I'll be sure to check out your blog :D


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