Welcome to The Travel Bible! If you don't already know, my name is Sinead and I'm a broke Irish college student studying Multimedia. While I'm not an aspiring journalist like many other bloggers out there, I really enjoy blogging as a creative outlet.

As my chosen university course hints, I am indeed interested in photography, design (web & graphic), filming... etc. So my blog features such elements from time to time. But the main theme of this blog (if you haven't already gathered from the ever so clever title) is travel! Now I'm no expert in travel, infact far from it haha, but I am obsessed with travel and have being travelling to new spots (most years) from as young as 3 months. I love exploring new countries and cultures. I'm 20 mind you, and broke as stated above, so I'm not always hopping from location to location. But when I do earn, I save, and in the end the majority of it goes towards my adventures (I'm just back from my Croatian island hopping adventure so you can expect a post on that very soon).

I'm the oldest of four siblings and live in the south of Ireland. I adore my country, despite the rain, and found a new appreciation over the years for the emerald isle. During the summer I love going on roadtrips around the country and going camping. Most of us overlook our own countries and forget that many of the most beautiful places are in our own back garden if you explore a little harder!

I'm a super chilled out person, tend not to get stressed easily (came very much in handy over the Leaving Cert months) and I'm creative. I like to look at all the positives in life, it's my motto really. When anything negative happens take all the positives out of the situation and focus on them. Gets you over the hump faster and happier :)

Hope you enjoyed this little intro into to me, myself and I and learnt a bit more about moi and what this space has to offer! For those of you that stick around, I can't wait experience this blogging adventure with you!


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