Preaching More Positively Then They Did Before Midnight | 2015

New year, new me.

Ha nope, still the same me.

I mean how can one become something new in an instant? Those of use who can conjure up the sentence 'New year, new me', we're certainly not just born yesterday. I'm nineteen, I've been here a while. And I know for a fact that when the big hand aligns with the small hand at twelve midnight on new years eve, no one can miraculously change into a new form of themselves. No one sheds a layer of skin to make way for their new appearance or automatically starts preaching more positively then they did before midnight.  Its a working progress. You set goals and you work each day to get a little closer to your target. The phrase "New year, new me" is a supportive and positive expression used to help you reach your goals. It's not granting you a new life or a drastic change of personality on the first of January.

I think that's why the phrase annoys so many people. It forms an unrealistic standard that obviously no body can reach. But one must read between the lines. "New year" can mean the year in a whole, the full twelve months as apposed to the first of January being the first day of the new year. Over those twelve months you will change as you experience new things. You can work over those twelve months to achieve what you wished to attain as the "New me".

From a close friend I received a lovely little notebook, with the map of the world spanning the cover of it, for Christmas. She told me to use it as a little book for big ideas, and that I did. My first entry into it are my goals of 2015.

//  Be more sociable
//  Get a surfboard & get good :P
//  Do more exercise
//  Start my own mini business
//  Try new & exciting things
//  Travel with my best bud
//  Try harder in college
//  Be happy
//  Be a better blogger :)

I'm happy I posted today, I'm working on my 'better blogger' goal because I've neglected this space for a few months and I have no excuse for doing so! I've had a months holiday after Christmas from college and I've been needing a creative outlet to burst some of my creativity into :) That's one thing I adore about blogging along with meeting other like minded bloggers out there!

Until next time,



The photos above I took on my ipod, I've literally become obsessed with editing and capturing photos on my little apple device. 


  1. So great to see a post from you, I hope you continue to blog as I love to see other Irish peeps haha. I agree that you can't change over night, its a long process and its definitely important to set attainable targets :) xx
    Sinead (dreaming again)

    1. Thank you for stopping by Sinéad :) I'm the same, nothing better then finding an Irish buddy :D x


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