Surfing on the West Coast | Lahinch, Co. Clare

It's not unknown that I am a big fan of the surfing culture. I'm only a newbie I'll have you know, and if you've read my previous post on the topic, you'll know where I stand in the matter. So I Went Surfing   

But two weeks ago one of my best mates and I took an ole' roadtrip up the west of the country, to county Clare. Whilst I'd been there before, I only managed to see a small portion of the eastern part of the county, the countryside. This time our sole focus was the coast, and with surfing a main priority of the adventure, Doolin was the ideal place for the craic, the site-seeing & the coast. Doolin is known for its traditional Irish music scene and in more recent years, Dusty the dolphin. We didn't manage to meet Dusty, but we did get a nice taster of the pub-life.

We stayed in a lovely B&B only a minutes walk from the main crossroad-village. This B&B/roadtrip scene has become a sort of custom to the two of us. Only at the start of the summer had we gone on another venture down south to Kerry, staying in a B&B. We love it, the full Irish breakfast in the morning and the homeliness of it is just too ideal! It will defiantly become a ritual for whenever we get the tickle to travel our dear country haha.

Don't jump, me at the Cliffs of Moher Co.Clare

So we decided to spend our first day surfing at Lahinch. Apparently we had picked the best day to go as the waves were to reach 8 - 11ft, according to many surf instructors we had phoned up the night before. The weather was to stay dry and there was not a wind blowing. All the surf instructors had cancelled all their lessons that day so they could go surfing themselves. Luckily we wern't looking for lessons, both equipped with a lesson each under our belts, we wanted to try it this time at our own accord. And that we did, we rented boards from one of the surf schools and set out on the water.

It was so much fun, thankfully I had brought my gopro to record some videos while out on the water and take some pictures. As soppy as this sounds, I think I found my calling. Hahaa well my sport of choice. I dabbled in many sports as a child but none really stuck. And as a teen in secondary, I did none. Bar rowing from 1st year to 3rd year, but that didn't tickle my fancy for too long. But when I was out on the water, I couldn't stop myself from smiling. It was so fun. I even improved that day, stood up on the board almost every time I caught a wave. At the beginning, I did have a few fails, swallowing enough sea water to fill a bathtub. But as the hour went on I was doing great. I made a promise while out on the water, that as soon as I get back to college I am going to join the surfing society, and actually take part (unlike to last year)!

We visited The Cliffs of Moher that evening, hair sopping and sandy. Such a magnificent site to see. The next day we were to head on home, but we made a few pitstops on the way. We basically did a whole circle of the county seeing parts of the northern coast, the Burren and most excitingly - Father Ted's House. Following the route our trusty satnav directed us in, we found it after an hour. Of course we go those mandatory photos, who do you think we are??

Funny story, as we got out of the car to take our picture, three dogs ran from the front door of the house down to us. We hopped into the car as fast as lightening, no photos taken. We were surrounded for about ten minutes, we even concluded that our pictures would have to be taken out of my sun roof. But luckily the dogs went away, and we got our legendary photos taken. 

All in all, it was an epic adventure and I've discovered that maybe my dreams of being a surfer girl, could actually come true.

Until next time,
I'll leave you with a few photos,




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